Woodland Alphabet


I am really enjoying working on a diverse range of book projects, pop-up books, board books, and four different craft/make books. However, it does mean my time is limited in terms of self-motivated projects. I am trying to get some done, as it brings me a lot of joy and it sometimes leads to new book ideas. Here is the finished Woodland Alphabet print. I am rather fond of the Fox character, which I named Oscar after, er . . . Oscar! I also have a warm spot for the Bear, who I think slightly regrets the decision to wear a bow tie.

The print will be available in the Finch and Robin shop as well as my Notonthehighstreet shop. If you are visiting Edinburgh anytime soon (the festival is coming!), it will also be in stock in the Red Door Gallery and Curiouser and Curiouser.


Wildlife of the British Isles, Illustrated Map

British_Isles4For the past six months I have promised people I would extend the Scotland map to include the whole of the British Isles. It is something I really wanted to do as there are so many wonderful animals all over the isles. During my wildlife research, I made some interesting discoveries, such as there are many species that exist in Scotland, Wales and England that have never made it across to Ireland or Northern Ireland. It seems odd that after hundreds of years, nature hasn’t crossed a relatively small gap in the ocean. I am sure there are some very good reasons why not, but I got carried away with drawing animals . . . what is new?

So now there are 53 creatures, including birds, reptiles, mammals, insects and fish. There are still hundreds more, and if your favourite can’t be seen on the map then let me know – I may add it in before a reprint 😉 The A2 print is now available through Finch and Robin, my Etsy shop and notonthehighstreet.com as well as the lovely galleries I supply to.

Sneak preview of this year’s festive cut out and make . . .

Scottie1 Scottie2Scottie dogs have featured in a few projects of mine this year, so it seemed right that a Scottie would be this year’s festive Finch and Robin cut out. This little chap is called Benji and loves the French Alps. He can be hung on your christmas tree or placed in a little winter scene that is also included in the pack. The packs will be on sale in the next few weeks and will be available through the online Finch and Robin store, as well as the galleries and shops we supply to.

Personalised castle print for Louisa

Louisa_castlecastle_boy My sister and brother-in-law have recently being giving their daughter a new room, it has involved a lot of sanding down walls and painting! They also asked if I might contribute a piece of artwork and, as I love both my niece and creating artwork for children, it wasn’t a difficult decision! In the end I went for a castle design as she loves disney princesses – but I wanted to make it more colourful and graphic so she wouldn’t grow out of it too quickly.

After a couple of requests for the same image I am thinking of adding it to the Finch and Robin shop with a customisation option.

Here is the result. (I also couldn’t help working up a boy’s room version!).

Meet Islay, the Highland Pony

Highland_Pony1 Highland_pony3A few weeks ago I received a lovely email from the School House Gallery in Dornie asking to stock Finch and Robin’s Cut Out and Make designs. They also mentioned that Highland Ponies were much loved in the highlands. Up until then I had never heard of a Highland Pony (I had been planning a shetland pony). However, after staring at them for several hours on the internet, in the name of ‘research’, I was totally smitten. I have to admit I was a girl who loved horses and ponies . . . well into my teens. So it was a joy to create the newest member of the cut-out family, Islay. Islay also comes with her friend, Adam the adder.

‘Wildlife of Scotland’ map soon to launch

Scotland_MapI have been thinking about doing a wildlife map of Scotland for a few years now. As a child I loved illustrated animal maps  – so it has always been on my list of fantasy projects! I recently got my push to finish it when the Red Door Gallery offered to launch it at an event they are hosting at the Scottish Museum on 28th February. The map does not feature all of Scotland’s wildlife (that would be a bit difficult!), however there are 36 wonderful animals to spot. The print will be A2 size (594 x 420 mm) and available to buy in the Finch and Robin store and the Red Door Gallery from the 29th.

Festive Red Deer Cut Out and Make

Red_Deer Red_deer2 Red_deer3My Festive Red Deer packs arrived today. They are a Christmas Cut out and Make and will make a nice friend for the Highland Cow! Here are a few photos . . .

They are available to buy in the Finch and Robin store.

The Edinburgh Festival starts today!

EdinburghSo, the Edinburgh Festival starts today. It is a wonderful celebration of the arts and I am very much a fan. Having said that, when you have a baby, a husband that works across multiple festival venues and lots of deadlines it loses some of it’s charm! However, to get me in the mood, my bags turned up yesterday. I will be selling them at The Red Door gallery and online in the Totes Amazed shop.

New Finch and Robin bag designs for the Edinburgh Festival

bag1 bag2


For the last couple of years I have intended to adapt my Edinburgh Skyline so that it could work on a book bag. With a bit of help and advice from Gill McColl over at Totes Amazed I have finally done it, well almost . . . they are being printed! I also created a puffin design (mainly because I love Puffins and wanted one). Both bags will be available from the Finch and Robin store.

Photographs of the bird poster and Oscar

I took a few photos of Oscar enjoying the British Garden Birds poster today. He was a very good model, until he got bored after two minutes.


bird_poster2 bird_poster3

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