Art Swap!! Get your pencils ready . . .

IMG_0073In celebration of Spring’s arrival (any day now, I’m sure!) and Blackbird, Blackbird, What Do You Do? publication, I am having an art swap challenge. I am looking for bird-lovers (feathery variety), to draw one of their favourite birds and post it to me. Let me know your postcode and I will send a bird drawing back. You can use pencils, paints, paper, glue, stamps, pens – whatever you fancy. If you want me to draw a particular bird for you, put a note in with your drawing. I’m encouraging people of any age to take part and will keep it going for roughly two weeks and then I will show the results!

So to recap . . .

  • Send your bird art to me: Kate McLelland, 7 Kirknewton Court, Kirknewton, West Lothian, EH27 8BT
  • Include your name, address and age and whether you would like a particular bird send back!

Have fun! I can’t wait to see them . . .



About Kate McLelland

I am an illustrator and printmaker based in Edinburgh.

3 responses to “Art Swap!! Get your pencils ready . . .

  1. Liz van Holten

    We just received Blackbird, Blackbird, What Do You Do? as a birthday present. A favourite already! Our friends who thoughtfully gave it to us told us about your art swap and my 5 year old would like to send you a kookaburra. I also mentioned it to another friend of mine today as her 5 year likes drawing. Could we both send you belated drawings of our favourite birds? Kind regards, Liz

    • Hello Liz, I can’t believe I didn’t spot this message. If there is any chance they would still like to take part, then I would love to do an art swap.

      Many apologies for not replying sooner,

      Kind regards


      • Liz van Holten

        Thanks Kate for getting in touch.

        We are going to have a go at drawing our favourite bird this weekend (it may have changed since we last wrote) and we’ll send it to you.



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