Wildlife of the British Isles, Illustrated Map

British_Isles4For the past six months I have promised people I would extend the Scotland map to include the whole of the British Isles. It is something I really wanted to do as there are so many wonderful animals all over the isles. During my wildlife research, I made some interesting discoveries, such as there are many species that exist in Scotland, Wales and England that have never made it across to Ireland or Northern Ireland. It seems odd that after hundreds of years, nature hasn’t crossed a relatively small gap in the ocean. I am sure there are some very good reasons why not, but I got carried away with drawing animals . . . what is new?

So now there are 53 creatures, including birds, reptiles, mammals, insects and fish. There are still hundreds more, and if your favourite can’t be seen on the map then let me know – I may add it in before a reprint 😉 The A2 print is now available through Finch and Robin, my Etsy shop and notonthehighstreet.com as well as the lovely galleries I supply to.


About Kate McLelland

I am an illustrator and printmaker based in Edinburgh.

4 responses to “Wildlife of the British Isles, Illustrated Map

  1. jane

    Hi Kate, This is lovely!!! Congratulations on another lovely design. I’ll go onto Finch and Robin and order it for Christmas for Heather.

    An extra animal for next time might be the lovely Hen Harrier, which is in the North Pennines.

    Hope you and the family are well!

    From Jane, Giles and Heather Wilson Your biggest fans in Kendal!

    Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 14:32:02 +0000 To: janebossyboots@hotmail.com

    • Hi Jane,

      Lovely to hear you like it! Your order is now on it’s way to you and due to a mix up at my end you will be getting a Scottish Wildlife Map too – which could always make a nice Christmas gift to any friends living in Scotland?! They are in different tubes so don’t worry if one shows up without the other. I hope you like them, Kate x

  2. jemimakirkwood

    This is really lovely, so glad I stumbled across your blog!

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